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Our Services

Our Services

Custom Built Computers

Whether you need a system that can easily play the latest AAA games or a VR-ready machine, we can build a custom PC for the ultimate gaming experience.

Home & Office PC's

Home and office PCs are designed for your everyday needs. From general internet browsing and family use to a machine that is capable of completing various tasks and can play media files, we have everything you need.

Installation & Configuration of Wireless Networks (WiFi)

Have WiFi at home but not getting the speed you want? Phone not picking up WiFi? Looking to live-stream sport or YouTube? We can help, our expertise in the industry can pinpoint issues and sort them out cost effectively.

General Computer Repair Services

Computer devices are prone to break down. Whether it’s physical damage or non-functioning hardware, small problems, both physically and virtually, can migrate to larger problems later down the line. We offer unparalleled knowledge and have all the tools you need to repair your computer issues quickly and efficiently in as little as a few hours from the time you bring it to us.

Damage Reports for Insurance Purposes

Has your computer been struck by lightning, or has load shedding gotten the better of it? Come to us for a damage assessment on all tech, and we can assist with a competitive replacement quote to fast-track your insurance claim.


Full Support

Our team is always available from 08h00 to 17h00 Monday to Friday to provide a better and quick solution for you needs.



Our PC’s are tried and tested.


Affordable Price

When price and quality matters.